Jai’s vague comment of “India Was One” in front of his friend Bunty made me feel good because for two reasons 1. Indians in India stopped feeling proud of themselves 2. Globalization.

I may be sounding like a critic here. ‘Yes’, I will say as the current situation of our country that is my motherland, India, is chaotic and all the ‘brains’ have left this country because they cannot tolerate the chaotic nature of their beloved motherland now. But has anyone thought about how a smart brainy person lives in this country India despite this chaos. Hmm…anyone?

This is because they follow one mantra: “Crying we enter this world, but the person who smilingly leaves the world is and will be called a ‘Hero’ by this world .This is because he has seen his India facing several difficulties but she lovingly embraces all—especially the Gen X.

But once they go out of this country to an alien continent, they start missing India.

So I say it is good to go abroad and live life there for few years as it will help us to understand mother India in a much better way.